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The 2012 Global Airport Benchmarking Report is now available. To order a copy of the report, click here.

We are now calling for abstracts for the 2013 ATRS World Conference!! 

ATRS Media Coverage for 2010


Media Name


September 22 2010

Air Transport News

Interview: Robert Deillon, Director General - Geneva International Airport

August 18, 2010

Toronto Star

Air Passenger Security Charges and related costs since 9/11

August 1-15, 2010

Sauder 360

Sauder-hosted ATRS releases world airport rankings at major conference in Portugal

July 29, 2010

Air Transport News

Where the science meets with business – ATRS Conference 2010 in Porto

July 23, 2010

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

World's most efficient airports named

July 23, 2010

Calgary Herald

Calgary airport lags Edmonton in efficiency

July 23, 2010

Edmonton Journal

Edmonton airport ranking jumps - International bumps Calgary as fifth-most efficient in its class

July 22, 2010

Business in Vancouver

Parking and retail revenue define airport success

July 22, 2010

UBC Public Affairs: UBC Media Release

UBC professor credits diversified revenue for success of world’s top airports

July 15, 2010

Oslo Airport

Oslo Airport – Europe’s most efficient airport

April 27, 2010

Vancouver Sun

Discount airline Virgin America eyes Vancouver

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